Tea from a Tea Witch

Stepping into the world of Foxling & Fae is finding yourself at the doorstep of a whimsical cottage in the woods. It is draped with lichen and moss, foxgloves and night-blooming flowers guard the entrance, and smoke scented with bergamot and rose wafts out of the old chimney.

If you choose to enter, you would be greeted by the Foxling in residence---a small, russet coloured corgi who leaps with joy at you having arrived. A mug of Fae Grey, our signature tea, awaits you beside an emerald green wing-back chair by the fireplace. Beeswax candles line the hearth while the walls are covered in bookshelves lovingly filled with Classical Literature, Faery Tales, Mythology, Poetry and Stories of the Fae. Interspersed among the books are found things: bones, moss, vines growing through cracks in the walls, bottles and jars all filled with the most whimsical of ingredients, salves for aching joints and vintage teaware.

This home is owned by a local Tea Witch--her hair a firebrand, her clothing a bit eccentric. She often prefers the company of the small, 4-legged beast that now begs for your attention and she’s generally found wandering in nature, her purse full of plant matter and scribbles of poetry on old scraps of paper. However, she leaves the door unlocked and her hearth fire burning, for her greatest joy in life is to share a cuppa with a new friend, to present them with hand-dipped candles for the next holiday or to pass them a salve in their coat pocket for that bee-sting or aching knee. She welcomes you here, new friend, and lovingly calls you a Foxling, inducting you into this sacred space as like is drawn to like. 

Stay awhile. Explore the artisanal teas, each blend crafted in the mind of this local Tea Witch and lovingly nurtured into existence for your enjoyment. Refresh your energy with a salve or peruse the wide variety of hand-dipped beeswax ritual candles we have in house. Are you in need of a special teapot or some vintage candlesticks? We have you covered! No two items are ever alike but each one is chosen in the knowledge that you would arrive here needing it above all the rest. 

Lastly, we welcome you to join us in the fields and the folds of the internet as we explore this wide world of Tea Witchery, Candle-Dipping and Ritualism together. Our self care is your self care, and there are even periodic samplings of our products involved! Join Foxling & Fae on Patreon to support these endeavors and be supported in turn.

Happy journeying, Foxlings!

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