Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your shipping cost what it does? Why don't you offer free shipping?

We are a small business and all items are created by hand. We want our beautiful creations to spend the least amount of time in Post Offices where the heat and cold can affect the quality. Due to this, we have found the 2-3 day flat-rate shipping boxes to be the best option at this current time. It generally costs even more than what we charge for shipping, but we are happy to cover a portion of the cost for the peace of mind that the USPS flat-rate boxes give us. Each box comes with 50$ insurance, tracking, and does not have weight-limits. Also, due to them being in a USPS marked box we feel the Post Office takes better care of them (and we are happy to support the USPS.) We are not Amazon who ships in 2 days, but what you receive is way better than Amazon! 

In the future, we hope to be able to afford branded boxes and be able to ship things for a better cost. Until then, know that youre supportng a small business and the USPS--and will get your items within 2-3 days (if you live in the US.)

Do you do local drop-off or local pick-up?

Yes! You can select that option if you live within the Lubbock City limits. Please make sure to leave a phone number so we can text you to get any identifying details for the drop-off and text you when it has arrived. We also take venmo and paypal for local drop-off and you can message us on Instagram or Facebook to set that up. We so not do pick-ups at this time but are more than happy to drop your package off on your porch for free.

Do you grow the herbs you use in your products?

Currently about 25% of the herbs we use are grown on the property. We are hoping to transition to using more and more of our own herbs as things progress. The herbs and flowers that don't come from the property are all sourced in the most ethical and sustainable ways we can find at this time. Some of the companies we currently source from are: Mountain Rose Herbs (we briefly stopped during the boycott but they have announced they will be removing the items that were causing issues and we will continue to stay apprised of this going forward in case anything changes), San Francisco Herb Company, and Tumblewee Botanicals (local to Lubbock, Texas.)

Some of the herbs we have used recently that are grown on the property are: Mint, Fennel, Mugwort, Chamomile, Juniper, Rosemary, Russian Sage, Catnip, Feverfew, Basil, Garden Sage, Foxglove, Snapdragon, Marshmallow, Lilac, Rose and Wormwood.

What does the name "Foxling and Fae" mean? Where does it come from?

This is an original name created by Mallory Chojnacki in the Summer of 2020 based around a notion of whimsy, nature and magic. The owner identifies with foxes quite heavily in her artistic and dream work, and owns a corgi named Poppy that looks very much like a little foxling. The "Fae" portion is a web of multiple things from Corgis being fairy dogs that pull the carriages of the Fae, Mallory's magical and ancestral workings with the Celtic Tuatha De (the original Fae), and the overarching theme of magic that is at the core of all the offerings in this shop.

We are in the process of trademarking this name as it is original and our artistic property.

Do you sell your products locally? Do you have a brick and mortar shop?

We currently attend multiple local events every Saturday to sell our goods locally in Lubbock, Texas. We do not have a physical shop at this time and our website is our only shop during the week. We have big dreams of growing this business event by event until we can one day open a physical shop in the United Kingdom. Until then, purchase our products every weekend at the local events noted in our Calendar and shop through our website for local drop off or postal delivery.