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Foxling & Fae

Fae Grey

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 She’s romantic. She’s flirty and floral. She smells like sipping tea from real china on your balcony in Le Marais in Paris while you wear a silk dressing gown that feels like sensual water on your skin. You listen to Edith Piaf and daydream about getting out of the city with your Lover, driving through Provence in a convertible, the smell of lavender on the wind and picking roses in the rain. That’s her—Fae Grey, and I’m not sure there’s any better way to start your morning than brewing a cup of her, adding a few sugar cubes and frothed oat milk, and planning your next getaway.

We didn’t skimp on luxury with this tea! We use real Bergamot orange peels from Calabria, Italy along with our Bergamot oil and whole vanilla beans from Madagascar. We add that to a sweet scented Ceylon Black Tea along with a hefty dose of lavender, cornflowers and fragrant red rose petals. Everything about this tea whispers of romance, self-indulgence and pleasure magick! This tea is made in small batches by hand which infuses every batch with luxury, hedonism and magic. We recommend adding 1-2 overflowing tablespoons (or 4-5 of the teaspoon that comes with the tea) of our tea to the cotton bag (which we also provide) or one of our tea infusers found in shop, steep it for 5 minutes until you have a deep amber colour and then add 7 sugar cubes and frothed Oat milk before serving. 

As someone who drinks Earl Grey tea every single day of my life, I wanted to create something magical that blends the traditional Earl Grey with a Lady Grey and a sprinkling of magic. There are no fake flavours in this tea! We use real bergamot orange peels, bergamot oil and vanilla beans. The Bergamot Orange is actually more of a lime so the peel will vary in colour from green or yellow to orange. All of this is part of the artisanal nature making every batch of Fae Grey slightly different but equally delicious!

   Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Cornflower, Lavender, Red Rose Petals, Bergamot Peel, Bergamot Oil, Vanilla Bean.

   This tea is packaged in accordance with Texas Cottage Food Laws and uses all food-safe herbs and tea. We are not medical professionals or doctors so none of our products are intended to treat or diagnose. There are no known allergens in this tea but there is always a risk that you are individually allergic to one of the ingredients. Because of this, we list every ingredient we include and ask that you read the ingredient list and speak to your doctor about any contraindications with your medical regimen or if you are pregnant or nursing.

   What you receive with your order: 6 oz, 4 oz, 1 oz or 1/2 oz of a loose leaf food-grade black tea, a 100% cotton muslin reusable tea bag, and a small, dishwasher safe spoon (with the 6 and 4 oz sizes or our tea sampler boxes.) The spoons vary in colour from silver to gold to copper and are chosen at random. We urge you to wash out the muslin tea bag and re-use it over and over for your loose leaf tea, bath tea or other uses. As for the packaging, the kraft bag we use at this time is not compostable but we are working on finding the perfect packaging in the future that will be better for our planet. However, the aluminum tin we use for the sample size could be used to store more tea or any other crafty home uses you can come up with.